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This is the Show Racism the Red Card video. It is 18 minutes and features top stars of Irish sport and young people giving their views on racism in Ireland. It takes the viewer through:

What is racism?
Action against racism in school
Action against racism in sport
Racism and its consequences
Do’s and Don’t’s in responding
Living in an Integrated Ireland

Here is the related table quiz for the DVD

To help impart the anti-racism message, we recommend you take our online training course at training.theredcard.ie The course takes the learner through; what is racism, how it happens, how it impacts and how to respond. It also has videos showing some of the activities from the education pack being delivered in both the hall and in the classroom. The course takes about 60 minutes.

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The Show Racism the Red Card DVD Education pack is used to promote education against racism, harnessing the profile of sports stars to convey the anti-racism message. Here, we provide some factsheets on related themes. These fact sheets identify relevant themes which may feature in different subjects in the curriculum.

Using the education pack and this website can be useful as part of the curriculum in subjects such as Developing Citizenship, Media studies and Myself and Wider World at primary level. It is relevant to modules within the CSPE curriculum at second level and is also relevant in other subjects such as history, geography and religion.
These factsheets should help identify related themes and provide the basis for some further work.


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Download Activities

Refer to the Education Pack for instructions about the following:

Activity 4 – Exploring prejudice

Activity 8 – Groups which we belong to

Activity 9 – Groups galore

Activity 10 – Group work

This is a scenarios based activity. Separate participants into 5 groups and give each group a slip of paper to discuss the scenario. After allowing time for discussion, take feedback and then play section 3 of the DVD.

Activity 11 – Pyramid of hate

Board Game | Answer Sheet

Combatting Racism Wordsearch


Appoint up to 9 bureaucrats and send them to different locations within the school/ service campus to set up their office. Refer to the pack for details of this activity and how it should run. Use a marker to write their Office name clearly, so participants can see the office name.