Irish African Nations Cup

This tournament is a family event and will be on Saint Anne’s(Near Raheny), which are the same pitches that the games of the Brian Kerr League has taken place.The event will be a 1-day event – and will occur on Sunday the 13th of August.This will be 11 A-side tournaments, and will start from 10:00 until 17:00 (approx time).The tournament will be in the form of 4 groups of 4 teams; each team will play 3 group games, which will be 20 minutes, each half(total of 40 minutes the whole match).Squad of 18 players should be given in advance.Substitutes can come on and off without any limitations.Each group winner will advance to the semi-finals (no quarter finals).The Final will take place around 16:00 and will be played 30 minutes each half (total of 60 minutes a game).F.A.I. Accredited Officials will be in attendance.Entry Fee 100 Euros per team.Contact Gil Berkovich for more information:

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