World Players Anti-racism conference

Scene from the Homeless World Cup 2006, Cape Town.Under the shadow of Table Mountain and the blue South African sky FIFPro held an anti-racism conference to coincide with the launch of the Homeless World Cup which kicked off in Cape Town, South Africa, on 23 September 2006.The seminar was attended by 150 delegates from the 48 countries who areparticipating in the Homeless World Cup.The highlight of the conference was the speech of the South African freedomfighter, Tokyo Sexwale, who is also a member of the FIFA 2010 Localorganising committee.Pictured left to right are: Tokyo Sexwale (South African Sports Minister, Eusebio, Lesley Hinds (Lord Provist of Edinburgh), Tony Higgins (Scottish PFA) and below: Thulaganyo Gaoshubelwe and Chris Fortuin (both SAFPU).Portuguese legend Eusebio attended as the FIFPro anti-racism ambassador and was given a standing ovation by the delegates.President of the FIFPro anti-racism committee, Tony Higgins, outlined to thedelegates and the worlds press FIFPro’s work in ensuring professionalplayers from all over the world continue to lead the way in delivering theanti-racism message.”Racism and homelessness are strongly linked as they are both results ofdiscrimination and that is why FIFPro decided to hold our conference in CapeTown to coincide with the Homeless World Cup.” said Higgins. He alsoannounced that the South Africa players union, SAFPU, has been chosen todevelop FIFPro’s anti-racism project for 2007.A question and answer session followed various presentations from invitedguests including Lord Provist of Edinburgh, Lesley Hinds, Chris Fortuin,SAFPU, Piara Power, FARE, Fran Gavin, FIFPro and Tokyo Sexwale.Also in attendance was William Gaillard from UEFA

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