Racism against the Polish in Ireland

Swords and baseball bats were used in a night of violence in the north Dublin suburb of Finglas. Youths and up to 30 foreign nationals fought violent battles when a long simmering row boiled over into the streets.The house in which the Eastern Europeans lived was attacked and daubed with Swastikas and KKK symbols after the violence. Local Gardai called to the scene were attacked with missiles and forced to retreat.On Monday 9th October, Gardai escorted the foreign men out of the house for their own safety, but then the house was attacked. Every window was broken and the inside was ransacked. The eruption of anger is said to have stemmed from an attack on a local youth which is being blamed on the east Europeans.A local said: “There has been ongoing trouble there for a while. There are supposed to be two to a room but its is up to seven per room”.The man said that on Saturday 7th October a local youth was being chased by a man with a samarui sword and picked up a spade to defend himself. Massive destruction is said to have occured as other terrified locals hid in their homes.Source: Evening Herald, Thursday 12th October, 2006

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