Polish games on Irish TV

Many aspects of Ireland are adapting to our new residents and this is reflected in the increased outlets of foreign language media in Ireland. Setanta Sports are showing Poland’s European Qualifiers in the remainder of the campaign.For Poles its an opportunity to follow their country and the games will provide a talking point for Irish people to interact with Poles new to this country. One of the most popular articles on this website is the feature on the Polish in Ireland.http://www.theredcard.ie/news/2006/03/spotlight-on-nation-polish-in-ireland.html2007 Live On Setanta SportsGAME ONE: March 24th Azerbaijan v PolandGAME TWO: March 28th Armenia v PolandGAME THREE June 2nd Poland v AzerbaijanGAME FOUR June 6th Armenia v PolandGAME FIVE Sept 8th Portugal v PolandGAME SIX Sept 12th Finland v PolandGAME SEVEN October 13th Poland v KazakhstanGAME EIGHT November 17th Poland v BelgiumGAME NINE November 21st Serbia v Poland

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