Chelsea’s new response to anti-semitic abuse

Chelsea have warned their fans against making anti-semitic taunts during Saturday’s Premier League game at home to Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs, whose fan base includes members of north London’s Jewish community, played out a 3-3 FA Cup draw at Stamford Bridge last month without incident.Chelsea issued a warning on their Web site on Friday, saying: “The club has been praised for the huge strides made in tackling racism at Stamford Bridge and we want to ensure that any fans who use anti-Jewish abuse during the game are identified and appropriate action taken.” It added: “Hissing noises, singing songs about ‘yids’ and other offensive songs about Jewish people are unacceptable. “Anybody caught chanting or making anti-semitic or racist remarks will be arrested and prosecuted by the police.Chelsea will also ban guilty offenders from Stamford Bridge.” The club are introducing a text message service from the Spurs game onwards for fans to report any anti-social behaviour. Saturday’s saw Chelsea close the gap on leaders Manchester United in a 1-0 victory over Spurs, who drop one place to seventy, looking to hold on to a UEFA Cup slot for next season.See article Friday 5th April on

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