Sari Intercontinental League

Latest in the league table, leading goal scorers and match reports from Gil Berkowich.

Pos Team         PLD   W  D  L  GF  GA  Points1 Poland         12   11  0  1  45  13  33 2 Polish Eagles  12    9  0  3  46  25  27 3 Romania        11    8  2  1  51  15  26 4 South Africa   11    8  1  2  37  19  25 5 Poland Naas    12    6  2  4  36  29  20 6 Brazil         11    6  1  4  46  27  19 7 Mosney Utd     10    6  1  3  35  29  19 8 SADC United    13    6  0  7  40  57  18 9 Somalia        13    5  2  6  28  30  17 10 Polska         9    5  0  4  47  32  15 11 Italy         12    4  3  5  23  26  15 12 D.R. Congo    13    5  0  8  31  38  15 13 Slovakia      12    3  4  5  30  34  13 14 Zimbabwe      11    3  1  7  30  47  10 15 Ireland       11    3  0  8  19  46  9 16 Polonia       14    2  1  11 33  58  7 17 Hong Kong     11    0  0  11 16  68  0

Goal Scorers

Tomasz Mikolajczyk Polska               23Luciano Ferreira Brazil                 20Daniel Niedzielski Polish Eagles        19 Max Herciu         Romania              14Randell Stevens         South Africa    13Ishmael Asiyambi SADC United            12

The weekend was definitely the weekend of the underdog’s teams.For the first time this season it would have been very hard even from thebrokers from Ladbrokes to predict The weekend results of our league.In the Saturday match:In the only match that was played on Saturday the team of D.R. Congo met theteam of Hong Kong from the bottom of the league.Despite the fact that Hong Kong has only had…9 players against the 11mighty Congolese worriers, The team from the Far East has made the Congolesewear their socks out, before the referee blowing the final whistle on aspectacular no defense goal fest that ended in the result of 8:7 for theCongolese.In the Sunday matches:The Boys in Green are no longer a Mickey Mouse team. (Apologies to MickeyMouse :-)1) In the upset of the day it was the Ireland team who dig out from theabyss of their bench the legendary and Unstoppable Gil Berkovich and swornto fight until their last gasp. It was a battle of hearts of determination fromthe Boys in Green against the Current League Champions the mighty PolishEagles.The Poles drew their first blood scoring first goal from a from apenalty. The Irish came back strongly in the Second half equalizing from awell deserve team effort goal.The second goal for Ireland was work of art by the ValentineViera-like to put the Irish 2.1 up. The Irish Goal keeper Dermot who wasfantastic during the match had a bad goal kick which fall straight to Piotrowski, who netted straight away. When it looks like the 2 teams might settle for a draw which wouldn’t be good for the champions from Poland the Polish Eagles were granted a second penalty.To the delight of the Irish their magnificent Goal keeper Dermot – the manof the match save the day. Suddenly the Boys in Green felt that they could win thematch and send their lads upfront. 5 minutes from the end, their Lithuanian midfielder Peter lob the great Polish keeper to score the Irish third goal in what seem to be the winning goal, 3:2 for Ireland inthe end.The Somalian winning 2 matches back to back first time this season.2) In another upset of the league the SADC team were looking to continuewith their great recent form, and it didn’t look that the skinny and smallSomalians will be able to the big guns from the SADC team. After anotherstalemate it was the Somalian team who has manage to put a the take the windout the SADC sails by beating them in the result of 3:2. The win has takingSomalia 3 places up in the tables from 12 to 9th place. Well done Somalia !The battle of the Poles for fame and Glory.3) In a Polish Derby between the leaders of the league and the bestdefensive team Poland to the team with the best goal scoring record Polska, it was a battle between defense and offence. It didn’t look match that way when the Poland team has managed to crash the hapless Polska team, in the result of 4:0. The Poland team did very well in their last general performance before their stalemate with the Italy team next week in Dalymount Park at 18:00.The Shoo Shine football from South Africa is back!4) In a match between the finalist from last year South Africa to therising Poland Naas team, it seem like the past meeting the future when theSouth African coming back in the last couple of weeks from the hole they dig out forthemselves, and showing the critics that it’s still too soon to burry them.The Poland Naas have tried use their tactics against the South Africans. However the South Africans dominate the match and won 2:0, to retain their 4th position on the league.The Samba football is back for good.5) The team of Brazil was hoping to continue their recent form afterbeating Italy last week, when they should have met the team of D.R. Congo.The Congolese probably must have been too scared to show up since 11warriors Could barely managed to beat the 9 small Hong Kong guys the daybefore. Brazil were happy to take the easy 3 points without playing theirmatch.The Romanian are playing for 90 minutes (and a little bit longer :-)6) In another match that looked very easy on paper between the Romaniateam, position in the third place, to the Polonia team which were third fromthe bottom of the league. The tables didn’t look much when the Polonia teamopened the score and play very strong to lead 2:1 at the half time.The Poles scored another Goal in the second half and a smell ofsensation was in the air. However the best comeback team in the League(Romania), has managed another one of their amazing come backs from the deficitof 1:3 to win the match 4:3.The Return of the Katanacho7) In their Final preparation of the Italy team before their Big matchagainst the Poland team this coming Sunday At the Dalymont Park, the Italianwere hoping to stop their loosing streak by beating the Slovakia from the bottom of the tables. To the dismay of the Italians the Slovakia team didn’t just show upto enjoy the weather, and have managed to thrash the depleted Italians in the result of 4:1.The Italians are due to meet the Poland team this Sunday in what seem to bea very steep mountain to climb. It is more than likely that the 3rd defeat in aroll for the small Italians will force them to be back to the Katanachofootball style.Next week the league will play only half its matches, and the league willstop it breath when the current league leaders and the number 1 contendersPoland will meet the Katanacho of the team of Italy. the league will keepits fingers cross for the Katanacho people to hold their defense a littlebit stronger,so that the Polish celebrations will not start too soon.

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