Limerick 37 Show Racism the Red Card

Limerick 37 marked the launch of Show Racism the Red Card with two events. On June the 8th there was a panel discussion on the Show Racism the Red Card dvd and on the 23rd Limerick 37 cooperated with local agencies to organise intercultural football tournament.The club launched it’s Show Racism the Red Card on the 8th of June in the Belltable arts centre Limerick. There was representation at the event from schools, Garda, the probation service and outreach services present. There was a discussion and video with many well known faces and L37 players were joined by John Galvin the Limerick Footballer who represented the GAA at the event.All the school children present were given tickets to the Wexford game and most attended. This event was followed up by the Limerick 37 supporting and getting involved with Doras Lumni (Refugee Support Group) and Southill Outreach (youth service) League of Nations Soccer tournament in the UL during the Doras summer festival event. This saw 22 teams from all over Ireland representing 11 countries in a five a side competition. Hundreds attended with activities arranged for children as the football took place.The overall winners were one of the Polish teams who displayed some great players and determination to reach the final. Garrett Mullan of Show Racism The Red Card was present at the event and spoke of the importance of maintaining a presence for all minorities he also praised the club for it’s involvement with local groups and organisations.It is impressive to see an organisation working with marginalised young people and an organisation addressing the needs of asylulm seekers and immigrants are cooperating in the provision of activities for all. Limerick 37 is a new club and represents the city’s presence in the Eircom League of Ireland. Working at the grassroots in this kind of work places the club on a solid footing into the future.

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