Basketball Ireland/ Show Racism the Red Card Briefing to immigrant media

Show Racism the Red Card and Basketball Ireland held a joint press briefing with journalists of Ireland’s immigrant media.The specific purpose of the briefing was to promote Basketball Ireland’s Summer Jam Programme on 18th and 19th August 2007. It was also an opportunity to outline key dates in the Basketball Ireland calender and to allow the media the opportunity to cover key games.Journalists attended from the main weeklies Polski Herald, Polska Gazeta, Chinese Shining Emerald, Metro Eireann and Lithuanian Saloje.Gerard Carty (Senior Sports Development Officer) Dublin City Council outlined broadly the role of the local authority in delivering sports facilities and activities and specifically how the local authority can assist in the provision of supports.Shane Whelan (Public Relations Officer) outlined aspects of Basketball Ireland’s structure and said that the Summer Jam event would be a great opportunity to find out more about Basketball at club and school level.Show Racism the Red Card and Basketball Ireland are committed to promoting integration through joint work where possible. Already a fruitful relationship has developed between the two organisations in promoting the innovative Summer Jam programme which aims to encourage immigrants into Basketball.Show Racism the Red Card co-ordinator Garrett Mullan said: “Combined with the joint promotion of the Summer Jam, we are delighted that two of Ireland’s best Basketball players will feature on the Show Racism the Red Card educational DVD due to be launched early in the school year”.Basketball Ireland Public Relations Officer Shane Whelan said today: “We are also delighted that Show Racism the Red Card will be producing a poster of the Irish Basketball Men’s Senior team and a general poster promoting Basketball Ireland with the Show Racism the Red Card message”.We are committed to working to a plan of action as set out below.1. Issue a statement saying the association will not tolerate racism, spelling out the action it will take against those engaged in racist abuse at games. The statement should be printed in all match programmes and displayed permanently and prominently in clubs.2. Take disciplinary action against players, supporters or others who engage in racial abuse.3. Work with top basketball players in Ireland to lend their support to Show Racism the Red Card.4. Work with ethnic minority led and organisations links with ethnic minorities to encourage integration within the game of basketball.5. Contact clubs to make sure they understand the association’s policy on racism.6. Work with Irish and migrant based media to make sure they understand the association’s policy on racism and the support for integration.7. Adopt an equal opportunities’ policy in relation to employment and service provision.8. Work with all other groups and agencies, such as the players union, supporters, schools, voluntary organisations, youth clubs, sponsors, local authorities, local businesses and police, to develop pro-active programmes and make progress to raise awareness of campaigning to eliminate racial abuse and discrimination.For further information:Garrett Mullan 086 392 7650 info@theredcard.ieShane Whelan 087 989 2733

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