Red Card volunteers at the All Ireland

On All Ireland Sunday,Show Racism the Red Card aimed to distribute 25,000 A6 postcards to Kerry and Cork supporters outside Croke Park.We had plenty of volunteers but that matchday rush means that we didn’t distribute them all. So you can arrange a supply of top quality A6 size posters with the Red Card on one side and county players on the other.The campaign came during a week when there was an allegation of racial abuse made in Meath. During a minor hurling game, it is claimed that two black players were subjected to racial abuse, with one of the players reacting in a physical manner which led him to be sent off.The Trim club brought the issue to light at a Hurling Promotion and Development Committee meeting last week with club delegate CJ Murtagh incensed at the abuse.“It’s the first time that we have come across this and we believe that unless something is done about the problem now more incidents like this will follow,” said Murtagh. “As hurling people we need to be in the front line in dealing with this problem which will get worse and clubs need to be notified, they need to know what is going on to deal with the issue. Some initiative needs to be taken and it has to come from the top.”The Show Racism the Red Card posters can be displayed prominently in clubs, community centres, schools, workplaces and elsewhere to help demonstrate where the majority of people stand in relation to this issue.Tshirts were kindly produced and presented by O’Neills sports.We were told that there was no way Kerry fans would hold up something that is Red. Our picture shows this is not the case!

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