Racism and Age- the most common forms of discrimination

New ESRI research published this year and using data from 2004 has found overall 12.5 per cent of the Irish population aged 18 years and over said that they had been discriminated against in the preceding two years.The research carried out by the ESRI for the Equality Authority surveyed a total of 24,600 in a sample rpresentative of the population according to the census.40% of black respondence reported experence of discrimination.  This compares to 12 per cent of the White respondents and 25 per cent of the Asian group.  Ethnicity is more strongly associated with discrimination in services than work.The survey also shows that black respondents were particularly at risk of discrimination in shops/pubs/restaurants, financial services, housing and transport, the ‘Other’ group were at risk in shops/pubs/restaurants and housing and the Asian group in transport.It was also found that black respondents were more vulnerable to repeat discrimination than white respondents.The research examined experience of discrimination of the nine grounds covered in the Equality Act 2004: Age, Race, Gender, Family status, Religion, Disability, Sexual orientation, Membership of the Travelling community and other.The percentage breakdowns of discrimination are as follows: Age 19.3, Race/skin colour/ethnic group/nationality 16.3, Sex 11.5, Family status 10.0, Disability 6.2, Marital Status 4.3, Sexual Orientation 0.5, Religion 0.6, Membership of the Traveller community 0.7, Other 30.6.http://www.esri.ie/news_events/latest_press_releases/new_research_maps_the_soc/index.xml

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