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Teachers TV UK have a series of excellent resources to assist teachers and others in a learning environment to promote education around the issue of racism.  Check out the documentary Racism and the Beautiful Game, the Show Racism the Red Card DVD on Islamaphobia and Inspirations- breakthrough in Oldham Enjoy- http://www.teachers.tv/racism According to Teachers TV UK, Over half of the education workforce (55.1%) are aware of racist bullying in their school, with over 1 in 10 (12.7%) being aware of racism against teachers, according to a new poll of Teachers TV registered users.The poll, held to coincide with anti-racism week on Teachers TV (the digital channel for those working in education), found that almost two thirds of the education workforce (63.8%) agree that racism is an issue in schools. Half (56.3%) felt that racism is becoming increasingly linked to religious intolerance. Despite this, two thirds (68.3%) of those questioned said their school does not have a strategy or programme to help combat racist bullying.More training and understandingA third of teachers (34.7%) felt that more professional development would help them respond to an incidence of racism, while a further third (33.5%) felt that understanding how other schools deal with racism would help.Commenting on the results, Andrew Bethell, Chief Executive of Teachers TV, said:”The education workforce recognise racism as a significant issue in schools and have expressed a desire for further training and knowledge of how other schools deal with racism. Teachers TV produces a variety of programming aimed at providing teachers with the tools to deal with racism in their schools, which the poll shows is something that they really want.”Anti-racism projects in schoolsSchools have put a variety of projects and strategies into practice. These include friendship weekends, bi-annual cultural diversity days, zero tolerance schemes, and Show Racism the Red Card schemes.The education workforce seems to be relatively happy with the way that their schools have dealt with racist bullying that affects pupils. However, of the small number who had experienced bullying themselves, most felt that schools had handled the incidents badly. Many felt that the schools had not dealt with it appropriately with one teacher stating “staff are afraid to tackle students on this”.Please see below for an outline of the programming coming out in anti-racism week on Teachers TV.Anti-racism week on Teachers TVFocus on footballFrom 20 April Teachers TV, the digital and online channel for those in education, is examining the effects of racism on victims and also on society more widely. Programmes will look at the different approaches to addressing racism in schools and beyond, and considers the relationship with football including projects run by Manchester United to combat racism.Highlights include the UK premiere of KS2 Anti-Racism with Man Utd, in which a group of Year Six pupils attend the “Show Racism the Red Card” event at Old Trafford to hear personal experiences of top footballers.In Islamophobia we hear moving accounts from Muslim and non-Muslim players including Thierry Henri, Didier Drogba and Frederick Kanouté.Other highlights include, web-based films including Show Racism the Red Card presented by Gary Lineker which addresses the origins of racism and features experiences of racism from players including Rio Ferdinand, Thierry Henry, John Barnes, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, Ryan Giggs and many others.KS2 Anti-Racism with Man UtdThis programme follows a group of Year Six pupils as they attend a Show Racism the Red Card event at Man Utd’s ground, Old Trafford, and hear moving accounts from top footballers about the racial abuse they’ve suffered. Back at school, they use this experience to create original rap and drama pieces for the Show Racism the Red Card competition.KS2 Anti-Racism with Man Utd – Show Racism the Red Card: Monday 20 April, 4.30pm (F) and 8.30pm, Tuesday 21 April, 7.45pm, Thursday 23 April, 8pm, Friday 24 April, 7.45pm, Saturday 25 April, 6.15pm and 9.15pm, and Sunday 26 April, 4pm (F) and 7.15pmIslamophobiaIslamophobia is a powerful and moving account of life as a Muslim and the effects of a worrying recent growth area in racism, Islamophobia. Featuring personal experiences from top footballers and young people, this emotive film aims to provide a thorough exploration of the issues, to challenge prejudice and stereotypes and to enable viewers to effectively tackle Islamophobia. We hear from Muslim and non-Muslim players, past and present, including Frederick Kanouté, Mido Hossam, Ryan Giggs, Thierry Henri, Kolo Touré, Niall Quinn, Gareth Southgate and Didier Drogba.Islamophobia: Monday 20 April, 4pm (F) and 8pm, Friday 24 April 7.15pm and 10pm, Saturday 25 April, 4pm (F) and Sunday 26 April, 7.30pmRacism and the Beautiful GameRacism and the Beautiful Game is a documentary featuring interviews and personal experiences from top footballers examining the changing face of racism in football. It considers the historical context and explores progress made to combat racism in the British game.Racism and the Beautiful Game: Tuesday 21 April, 4pm (F) and 8pm, and Saturday 25 April, 9.30pmOnly HumanThis educational resource made for and by KS2 pupils is designed as a starting point in discussing issues of race and ethnicity in schools. Only Human takes a particular viewpoint about racism: that there is only one race, the human race, and this view is explored through responses to questions, challenges and fears of pupils and teachers alike. The programme is designed to be used with a teachers’ pack that is available on the website.Only Human: Monday 20 April, 10.30pm, Wednesday 22 April, 4pm (F) and 8.30pm and Saturday 25 April, 6.30pmShow Racism the Red Card (web only)Show Racism the Red Card is a fast-moving and engaging introduction to the subject of racism with interviews from top premier league and international footballers. This educational film includes personal stories from top sports stars and young people about the dangers and effects of racism, and addresses the origins of racism, exploring how we can all work together to eradicate racism from society.Presented by Gary Lineker, the programme features players Rio Ferdinand, Thierry Henry, John Barnes, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, Ryan Giggs and many others.Show Racism the Red CardBangura Interview (web only)Interview with Watford player Al Bangura.Originally from Sierra Leone, Bangura fled the country fearing for his life and found himself on the streets of Guinea where he was picked up and brought to Europe to be sold into the sex trade. After managing to escape, he sought asylum in the UK and was discovered by a Watford scout and began playing for the team at the age of 17.Bangura was given permission to stay in Britain until he was 18, but after his 18th birthday the Home Office initiated moves to deport him back to Sierra Leone. After lodging an appeal with huge support and backing from the Watford Football club, fans and MP Claire Ward including the widely publicised half time protest by 18,000 home and away fans to ‘Save Bangura’ which featured pictures of the 19 year olds face under the words ‘He’s family’. He was finally granted a permit which allows him to remaining the UK.Editors’ notesThe survey’s respondents are all website registered Teachers TV users and receive the Teachers TV weekly email.802 registered Teachers TV users responded to the questionnaire.58.5% of them are teachers and the remaining 41.5% work in the wider education workforce.The sample is a fair representation of primary and secondary school teachers and represents a geographical spread across the UK, as well as teaching topic.

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