Thursday 23rd July at The Twisted Pepper,Middle Abbey Street Dublin   


3 Rooms incorporating Music,Art and Comedy

 Event starts at 8pm.€8 entry.All proceeds before 10-30 go to LMHR Ireland

Love Music Hate Racism Ireland will be launching their Website and awareness campaign with an event at The Twisted Pepper, Dublin on 23rd July 2009. This event will run in three separate rooms incorporating live music, comedy, graffiti art, photography, and DJ’s .In a recent statement, spokesperson Kurt Nikolaisen said ’’there are elements of our society that continue to promote anger by the scapegoating and targeting immigrants including migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers or even students, we need to work to expose these myths and challenge racist ideas’’Love Music Hate Racism Ireland is not just an organization. It’s a movement. We need people from all walks of life to get involved. We want everyone to play a part in LMHR no matter how big or how small. We want to hear what you have to say, and address issues you find important. Issues that your community, neighbors, friends and family find important where you live. We aim to have a network of support for each and every person involved in LMHR across the county and we encourage people to make suggestions, put on their own events and start their own groups with help from this network’’This event will start at 8pm.Entry will be €8.All proceeds before 10-30 will go to LMHR Ireland Colour in Countries   Alternative /Rock  “……The songs not only have intelligent, well written lyrics, but have a vibe to them that can really get a crowd going… fantastic band that should not be missed, if you have the opportunity to see them, do so.”Lana Winter – Spill Magazine, TorontoLarry Beau – Indie /Gothic/ Folk  ‘’Like a stray from the nether regions of Neil Jordan’s Interview with the Vampire , Larry Beau inhabits a gothic underworld where decadence, lust and horror vie with one another for his, and our, attentions’’Siobhan Long – Irish Times

The Super Fantastic Adventues of Captain Magic -Folk / Fusion / Blues  

‘’…is a new musical project formed by musicians from different places around the world ,  with one place in common , Dublin. With only two months of history, we have already played in The Academy, The Button factory, Sin é, The Globe, Shibeen Chic and The Scene…’’Duncan-band member


Comedian Tiny James  will MC the night


Upstairs :Rootsman Wurzul – Roots/Reggae/Dub

Downstairs: Mr Jones (resident night)– Electro/House/Bass


Graffitti Art  from Ponic and friends

Photography  from  Gino Kenny

Short film’s including ”Sol Ziemi” part of the ”12 Angry Films”project 

For confirmation call Kurt Nikolaisen on 085 – 8244468

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