Asylum seekers protest over poor living conditions in Sligo

Dozens of asylum seekers protesting against conditions at Globe House accommodation centre in Sligo yesterday said they regularly had no hot water and no heating for days at a time.One mother said poor hygiene meant a number of small children had infections. She said:

There are two toilets between 40 men , women and Children one floor and my six year old daughter has thrush

Another mother said her small daughter regularly gets urinary tract infections and said:

You cannot be sure that you will be able to go to the toilet with your child every time in order to clean it

 About 50 people protesting outside the centre said there was one washing machine for 173 residents. They said the doors of dryers had to be closed with cellotape. The residents claimed they were repeatedly told there were problems with the boiler, but despite several meetings with management, this had not been resolved.

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