Derry man does not want to do community service with non-Christians

Derry man “does not want to work with non-christians” Nov 12, 8:22 am courtesy Highland RadioA Derry man who told probation that he did not want to work with non Christans has been sentenced to community service and ordered to work with whoever he was told to.36 year-old Paul Del Pinto of Meadowbank House admitted assaulting a man on August 27 last year after a discussion on Darwinism and Creationism became heated.Derry Crown Court was told that several men were drinking in the injured party’s flat when the discussion turned to religion.It was said that this caused a change in the atmosphere and an argument started although the court was told this was not sectarian but more to do with religious principles, Darwinism and creationism.Del Pinto was asked to leave the flat but as he was being escorted out he punched the injured party injuring him on the mouth and nose.The court was told that Del Pinto had apologised and that it was a one off incident.However, Judge Piers Grant said he had a problem with a statement in the pre-sentence report where Del Pinto said he did wish to do community service, but he did not want to work with non-Christians.Judge Grant said this struck him as ‘absolutism and extemism.’However, Del Pinto went into the witness box and assured the court he would work with anyone, although he preferred to work with Christians.

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