ENAR Shadow Report on racism: a Europe free from racism a distant prospect

A Europe free from racism, remains a distant prospect and the dismantling of much of the infrastructure is a significant impediment to fighting racism in Ireland, says a new report submitted by ENAR Ireland to the European Network Against Racism. 

The report on Ireland for 2008 conducted by the newly appointed Co-ordinator for ENAR Ireland Ms Catherine Lynch identifies communities vulnerable to racism, manifestations of racism, aspects of racism and responses to racism in Ireland. 

The following are some of the key recommendations


 – Racism must be named by government and specific measures to address racism must be introduced, for example, through follow-up mechanism to the NPAR.-Speedy and satisfactory conclusion of the review of the Incitement to Hatred Act must be ensured. – Give due consideration to the introduction of aggravated sentencing.

 – Restore child benefit to asylum seekers and address the policy of dispersal and direct provision that is having short and long term impact on e.g. people’s mental health and on integration.

– The Irish government needs to recognise the ethnic identity of the Travellers

– Social inclusion policy needs to include all migrants, including asylum seekers– Secure family reunification rights for migrants.The full report is available on http://cms.horus.be/files/99935/MediaArchive/national/Ireland%20-%20SR%202008.pdf

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