Doneagal Summer Camp News


Show Racism the Red Card opens a summer camp to promote

anti-racism and integration of  youth from around the world living in Ireland.


Racism is seen throughout the world. Whether in racial jokes, comments, prejudice, and more, racism can play a significant role in the development of lasting fears, insecurities, and anger. It is important to prevent this as much as possible. For this reason, Show Racism the Red Card was created, in order to promote to young people a culture of acceptance. An important aspect of life shared throughout the world is the love of sports.  Every country and culture has sports in their everyday life, whether it unique or universal.  Each team consists of many different ethnicities, languages, cultures, and religions.  Camaraderie and working together is the only way these teams will be successful. It is not about the skin color, the religion, the hair, the eyes; it is about the team working together ultimately to win. Show Racism the Red Card promotes these anti-racism views through sports throughout the world. Ireland is quickly becoming more international forcing others to relate with different cultures. The Red Card goes to schools throughout Ireland running campaigns and events where representatives, and even Ireland athletes, can talk with youth about the importance of acceptance. This summer, Show Racism the Red Card is starting a camp for the first time. This camp is one week long and is for students of 11-17 years of age to come and experience new cultures through activities, sports, language classes, dancing, singing, and more. The camp consists of 15 volunteers from all over the world including: Russia, Belgium, Slovenia, USA, and Ireland. The children coming to the camp are living in Ireland but from all over the world including: Poland, Iran, India, Japan, South Africa and elsewhere. The students will be given an opportunity to share their cultures and traditions and to learn those of others to better understand the world. The organisation hopes that these students will return from the camp and spread the word to friends and family about the value of other cultures and promote against racism.Please help us promote anti-racism to youth in Ireland by sharing our goal for our camp. For more information about Show Racism the Red Card contact Garrett Mullan or please visit, Contact:Garrett MullanShow Racism the Red CardTel:018280018Email: info@theredcard.ieURL:

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