Call for review of deportation procedures

The Irish Refugee Council held a protest today outside the Dail calling for an independent enquiry into the attempted deportation on 15th Decdember 2010.34 Nigerian nationals, including 12 children, and 1 Irish citizen child, were returned to Dublin from Athens following a technical fault on a Frontex charter plane. The Council also called for a halt to all deportations pending an independent review of deportation procedures.Sue Conlan, Chief Executive of the Irish Refugee Council, says: “We recognise the right of the State to remove foreign nationals who are the subject of Deportation Orders but the Minister for Justice has a duty to ensure that the basic human rights of each individual are upheld throughout the deportation process.  These people are not criminals: they are mothers, fathers and children.“From the information available to us, it appears that the group were subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment. We want to see this inquiry to lead to lead to a review of deportation practice and procedures.”“This is an issue which anyone who has an interest in human rights will feel strongly about.  We will be seeking the support of organisations and individuals and we are starting a petition to the Minister on our website,, so that anyone can make their views known to the Minister,” adds Sue Conlan.Below is a report which is revealing in terms of treatment at the hands of officials, experienced by people who are in Ireland seeking asylum.

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