Racist Incidents Report

Racist Incidents ReportShow Racism the Red Card today issue our first briefing on racist incident reports we have have handled in the last quarter of 2010.  It covers a small number of cases we have dealt with but gives some indication as to how people experience racism in Ireland.Our work primarily involves anti-racism education, but we do also work to support people who experience racism.They come from different people and have resulted in SRTRC referring individuals to Equality Tribunal, Education Welfare Board, Garda Ombudsman, Local Authorities, League Associations as well as offering advice and support. In the last quarter of 2010, we received the following complaints of racism.  http://theredcard.ie/report.php1. One employment related complaint involved a series of texts from the employer to the complainant in dispute over monies owed.’Go back to Africa and pick bananas. Did you pay taxes on yer earnings? Was it meanstesd?’ ‘€140 peanuts for monkeys’2.  Another complaint involving sending of texts included a response from a potential landlord to a potential tenant.25-08-2010 Me: Hi Martin just went 2 check ya propt in 29 **** crst! cud ya pls give me a buzz or pop me a txt in da mornin tnx26-08-2010 Response from Martin: Hi what do you need to know re 29 **** Crescent26-08-2010 Me: Sori just seein ya txt now! Need 2 view inside. I think renovation is going on there. wen can we view pls? tnx26-08-2010  Response from landlord: You can view early next week. Where are u from?26-08-2010 Me: Nigeria?26-08-2010  Response from Martin: Sori no niggers26-08-2010 Me: ‘wt’s da meanin of niggers?’ It  took him time to reply and i now text him again :- (well Martin i tink dt was pretty rude u no tnx anyway cheers) his text came as i was about sending this very one.26-08-2010 Response from landlord: ‘buy urself a plane ticket back home. Do this country a favour’.3.  Another report involved a referral to the Community Policing Forum for follow up concerning ongoing racist abuse from a neighbour with other forms of harrassment.4.  A reader of the Sunday Independent emailed to complain about the following story complains of racist stereotypes of Germans.  We referred to the reader to the Press Ombudsman. ‘Utterly disgusting racist commentary’.  http://www.independent.ie/world-news/europe/brendan-oconnor-ve-haf-vays-of-making-you-cut-2401276.html5. Woman has young daughter.  Neighbour who possibly has mental health condition shouts racist abuse at the woman and her daughter. Referred to Estate Management of Local Authority.6.  Asylum seeker who was featured in the national newspaper received a postcard with racist abuse from a reader who had gone to Spain sent to the accommodation centre.7. Family believe NEWB and school are racially discriminating to daughter because she is English.  Daughter has been out of school as a result of bullying.  She now wants to go to another school.8. Sports related- Incident witnessed by referee who turned away from it…whilst the abusing team were saying ” what..but he is” as if it was ok, ref’s attitude showed them it was.9. One individual reports several incidents where ‘one of our players was racially abused on numerous occasions by 3 separate players on the opposing team . this type of abuse sickens me and just wondering what steps can be taken to prevent it from happening again . I have already sent in a report to our local soccer authorities’.10. Another reports where ‘we had a recent incident at an U14 game where one member of our team passed a racist comment against a member of the opposition.  I’m keen that the whole team get an awareness session/talk/education on the whole subject of tackling racism. Ideally this could be done at a future training session’.11. Taxi driver with sign ‘Buy Irish – Hire Irish’ slogan.  Complaint to Taxi Regulator.

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