Intercultural Summer Camp 2011 Evaluation

Intercultural Summer Camp Evaluation     The second Intercultural Summer Camp of Show Racism the Red Card has just concluded.  48 young people and  12 volunteers spent a week packed with activities from early morning til late at night.  We learned about different languages and cultures and did games to promote team work and understanding of what racism is and its impact.  Activities included: Country/ Culture presentations from Italy, Russia, Africa, Ballyfermot.  Participants had the opportunity to learn Swahili, French, Spanish, Russian, Irish and Sign language.  They learned dances from Russia, Kenya and Ireland and songs from Kenya, Italy and Russia.We had Mr Camp and Miss Camp on Wednesday night which was an opportunity for our young participants to put their best foot forward in four rounds- fashion, talent, role play and dance- in front of our judges.We had variety night performances, a ceili and discos too.  We played fun learning actities such as clocks and bureaucracy as well as excursions and hikes including trips to the beach, the local folk museum and the famous Slieve League cliffs. We also did adventure activities such as coasteering and currach building.  In currach building, we built four boats over two days.  Two sank but thankfully no lives were lost.Young people came from Dublin, Donegal, Derry/Londonderry, Dundalk, Sligo and Wicklow and were of British, Irish, Kenyan, Nigerian, Sudanese, Eritrean, Russian and Ukrainian nationalities. They were boys and girls aged 11-15 years. Our volunteers were American, Irish, Italian, Kenyan and Russian.We asked the participants what they thought of the camp and here is what they said-      1.How did you enjoy the intercultural actvities?I enjoyed the activities a lot because I made friends with people from different culturesThey were okThey were goodBy chattingI thought it was very goodThey were greatNot the best not the worstIt was goodThey were goodThey were okGoodI loved learning about different cultures especially SpanishIt was fun to meet different people and culturesI really liked them but it was too cold for coasteeringI loved all the activities but I liked coasteering the bestThey were goodI had a good timeGood getting put into familiesSneaking into the girls roomsNice getting put into families and allJI really enjoyed it and I loved the way we were in families and all the games we hadYes by playing and having funThey were funYes I didYes by playingI really enjoyed itI enjoyed them a lot (most of them)It was very fun and there was a variety of activities so it was enjoyable     2. Did you make friends with people of different cultures?All said yes and one said yes with 30 and others said they made a lot of friends while one said they made friends but not with everyone3. What did you learn about different cultures during the camp?I learned RussianI learned lots about RussiaMoscow is the capital of RussiaEveryone is the sameThat they are all amazingRussian, Spanish, the waka waka, and Sign languageKenyan cultureDancingDancing and singingI learned languages and what countries were likeI learned the waka wakaLots of stuffThat people have different opinions and ways of looking at things.Languages, dances, history etcI learned that the matroshke is from RussiaSwahili and how to make MandaziA lotMusic, dance, food, language and clothesLanguages, dances, music and foodKenyaLotsHow could I notHow other people liveDance and musicWaka wakaRussia, Africa, Kenyan languagesRussian and Kenyan dances and  languages for Russia, Spain and Italy      4. What did you learn about racism/ discrimination?That it is wrong and unfairIt happens everywhere and every dayIt is bad to do itIt is wrongThat it is shamefulThat racism must be taken seriously at all timesIt is badThat it is wrongDon’t be racistThat it happens to a lot of peopleThat it can be horribleLotsThat people can be unfairly discriminated and we should take action against themThat it is wrongI am not sureThat it is not niceA lotIt can put down a personThat is really wrongThat it aint rightIt can happen to anyoneIt’s not niceIt is wrong and that we are all the sameThat you are all the same but the skin and that is not a big dealTo speak up against itThat there are different types of discrimination    5. What was your favourite activity?CoasteeringThe beachPier jumpingCoasteeringWaka Waka danceCoasteeringCoasteeringCoasteeringFoodCoasteeringCoasteeringCoasteeringCoasteeringCoasteering and going to the beachMy favourite activity was coasteeringCoasteeringLanguage learningBeach and coasteeringCoasteeringCoasteering and night timeCoasteering JCoasteeringCoasteeringSecret friend and arts & craftsCoasteering was de boomCoasteeringCoasteering and the discosKenyan dancing and making MandaziThe Russian game Pyreek     6. Would you say you have an increased understanding and appreciation of people from different cultural backgrounds?All said yes and  one said: ‘yes because of all the things I have learned’ another said ‘yes I have learned not to judge people’7. What do you think are the main challenges to people from different nationalities in Ireland?RacismGetting used to itHow to speak EnglishHard to fit inRacism and being judged harshlyFitting inTo fit inLanguage and foodThat they are different and the languageRacist discriminationRacist discriminationExclusionBeing slagged because of their colour, religion etcBullyingTo speak EnglishTo fit inLanguageName calling, getting a jobTo adapt to the weather, new surroundings and mixing with different peopleRacismLanguageAccentLearning the language     8. Please tell us about your experience of the Intercultural Summer Camp- what did you learn? What did you like/ dislike?I liked everything. I learned Swahili and RussianI learned some Russian. I liked the water activities. I disliked running from the hall to the houseI liked everythingI learned some Russian and I liked coasteeringI learned sign language and loved itI liked the activities and I disliked falling out of the bedDidn’t like currach buildingI liked coasteering and I didn’t like the foodMost of the volunteers are goody 2 shoesI learned how to work better as a team. I didn’t like learning languages because it was like schoolI did not like the showerLots of stuff and I liked the foodI learned about different backgrounds and I disliked the amount of activitiesI learned different languages. I did not like going to sleep early and I liked the different actitiesI really liked it but got bored sometimes and I didn’t like when people were mean to meI learned to speak – French, Spanish, Sign language and SwahiliFun, a lot and I liked everythingI loved the night time and I didn’t like the …I learned how to speak French, Spanish, Sign language and how to make mandaziI really liked everything especially learning about different cultures, dancing and making new friendsI like the languages and to be able to speak Russian and make mandaziI loved it allI liked it allI loved it all including learning the languagesLearning the sign language. I liked the discos and the pier jump. I did not like that there was no footballI liked the food. I did not like the shower.      9. In your opinion, how could this camp be improved?Put in more watersports and make it longer and biggerMore equipment, longer breaks and later bed timeNo, it can’tThat the girls be allowed in the boys roomsMore watersports and later getting up timeI thought it was very goodThat the girls be allowed in the boys roomsThat the girls be allowed in the boys roomsMore footballStay up later-         different location, more sports, more water activity, longer than a week, lads should be able to go into girls rooms during the dayMore good foodMake it longerBy going coasteering on a sunnier dayStay up til 12Age limit and bed timeLater bed time and higher age limitLater bed time and higher age limitLater bed time and higher age limitLater bed time and higher age limitTo sleep laterListening to the leadersMore activityGet up later and more volunteersIt couldn’t be improvedMore sports, longer discos and more coasteeringGet up at 10amLads going into the girls rooms should be allowed during the dayIt should  be longerSleep in the same room with your friendsIt can’t be improved because it is awesome

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