Teacher training in question

Teacher training colleges must review their teaching materialRacism is discrimination on the basis of nationality, skin colour, religion or cultural practice. Many schools and teachers in Ireland have done great work in their contribution to an intercultural and inclusive society. The forum on school patronage is a welcome development. A goal in an integrated education system is that all children are treated fairly.Show Racism the Red Card backs the call of Atheist Ireland for Hibernia College to revise the religion module in its HDip programme in primary school education to teach students in an objective, critical and pluralistic manner. The link on Boards.ie is where this matter has first been raised, by a trainee teacher who felt forced to give the ‘right answer’. Attached are the questions.Co-ordinator for Show Racism the Red Card Garrett Mullan said: ‘The issues raised in the complaints demand investigation as to the claims by Atheist Ireland. It would beconcerning that when matters of faith are concerned, religious instruction to teachers in training appears to be imbalanced and indeed intolerant of difference. This approach to training would appear anachronistic to a modern diverse Ireland’.We would hope that you can publicise this discussion so that other colleges are aware of the need to teach to a standard that supports inclusion of diversity in Ireland.http://www.thejournal.ie/atheists-criticise-religion-exam-at-student-teacher-college-368004-Feb2012/#commentshttp://www.atheist.ie/2012/02/hibernia-college-teacher-training-course-teaches-untrue-claims-about-atheism-and-atheists/http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056553324

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