Statement on John Terry case

Press StatementShow Racism the Red Card notes the verdict of the John Terry case announced today.  Anton Ferdinand would not have taken up these allegations lightly, and he is well aware of the issues and adverse effects of racism, as demonstrated by his commitment to anti-racism campaigning over many years.As an organisation, we stand shoulder to shoulder with victims of racism in their attempts to secure justice, but also in the broader campaign to rid the game of discrimination.We praised the FA in their handling of the Evra/ Suarez case. It proved they have a robust procedure to deal with racist incidents.  The FA investigation will require a different burden of proof and it subject to their own standards and sanctions, which are different from a criminal court and there is now the option for the FA to pursue its own investigation and make its own decision.  We have also praised the response of the Wexford County Board of the GAA in response to racism experienced by Lee Chin, which resulted in match ban for the perpertrator.  The FAI have also made judgements on the issue of racism on and off the pitch over recent years, which have resulted in suspensions and fines for perpetrators.  Anton (& Rio) Ferdinand are aware of the issues and wouldn’t have made this allegation lightly.  Both Ferdinands have demonstrated commitment to anti-racism campaigns over many years.  As an organisation we support all victims of racism on or off the pitch and strive to see all players, at any level, able to play the game in an environment free from discrimination A lot of progress has been made in England towards tackling racism in football.  From being a problem endemic in the sport in the 1980s, it now manifests itself in individual incidents rather than monkey chanting. The case of Patrice Evra will have encouraged players from minority backgrounds in the lower leagues and grassroots level.  It will have encourage players and supporters that there is a robust procedure for tackling racism.  The court has not found the prosecution’s case to be proven under the standards required in a criminal court, but the FA must act to ensure the right signal to all participants in the game players, managers, fans at both the professional and grassroots level of the game.

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