Show Racism the Red Card report racist tweeter by ‘fan’

Show Racism the Red Card has written to the Garda Racial & Intercultural Unit and the government Internet Hotline calling for an investigation in response to a racist tweet sent out by an individual after Shamrock Rovers game last weekend.  The ‘fan’ sent out a  tweet with an obscene racist comment in regard to Kerrea Gilbert.
Ironically the person who sent out the tweet is reported to be a ‘supporter’ of Shamrock Rovers.  Shamrock Rovers were among the first clubs to be involved with the Show Racism the Red Card campaign and have been involved since 2006.  We hope action will be taken that sends out a strong message to all involved in football and the wider community that racism is not acceptable and that firm action will be taken in response.
The Airtricity League have been consistent in responding to incidents of racism in recent years which have resulted in clubs being fined and indivduals being barred while players have been suspended in response to incidents of racism.
Co-ordinator for Show Racism the Red Card Garrett Mullan: ‘The clubs and sports bodies have been involved in supporting the anti racism message over recent years.  Shamrock Rovers players have been to the fore of the Show Racism the Red Card campaign.  Colin Hawkins, Graham Gartland, Stephen Rice, Gary Twigg have all been out to schools promoting the message.  Fans who think they are supporting the team by engaging in recent abuse ought to think again.
This incident goes to show that there can be no complacency when it comes to racism and that racism must be tackled in all areas, whether in school, sport or on the internet.  People must be held accountable for their actions’.
Separately, Show Racism the Red Card wishes to state that we welcome the investigation launched by Louth GAA into a recent incident where it is alleged that an underage player was racially abused by an opponent during a game. Last June, two players were suspended for eight weeks in response to a racist abuse levelled at Wexford footballer Lee Chin and an umpire was suspended for 26 weeks for racist abuse to Chin in a separate incident.
Earlier this year, UK police pursued a prosecution which resulted in a 56 day jail sentence for Liam Stacey who sent out a racist tweet about footballer Fabrice Muamba, who had been in a coma at the time.
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