Reports of racism vital to tackling racism in sport

Show Racism the Red Card statement – Cork club fined after racism protest
In today’s press, there is a report that a club was fined in response to an alleged racist incident during a game in Cork. Without commenting on the specific case, it is vital that others feel supported in reporting incidents of racism.
Show Racism the Red Card have worked closely with the FAI Intercultural Programme to promote awareness of the FAI racism rule.  The policies and procedures are quite comprehensive and include appeals processes.   Sanctions have been issued previously to clubs and individuals who have been involved in perpretrating racism, so those who experience or witness racism must feel continued assurance that responses will take place.
Garrett Mullan, Co-ordinator for Show Racism the Red Card said: ‘We work closely with the FAI to promote awareness of racism and how to respond.  Key to tacklling racism is for those who are targetted to feel confident to report incidents.  There are sanctions in place but there is a long way to go in Ireland to raising awareness and ultimately stamping out racism’.
Below is a section from the Show Racism the Red Card DVD featuring Irish International Soccer players Simon Cox, David Meyler, Sean St Ledger, Seamus Coleman, UEFA referee Neil Doyle and Director of the Airtricity League Fran Gavin talking about responding to racism
The footage is part of the Show Racism the Red Card DVD education pack, which is used in schools, youth services and clubs throughout the country and as part of the Show Racism the Red Card workshops with clubs, leagues and affiliates such as referees societies to promote awareness of what is racism and how to respond.
Contact SRTRC Co-ordinator Garrett Mullan for further commen 086 392 7650

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