Football Against Racism in Europe week resources

Clubs and youth services are invited to be part of the Football against Racism in Europe fortnight, which runs over a fortnight from October 9th to 23rd.   Using football as a tool to make a stand against racism, the fortnight of action is an opportunity for those at all levels of the game to be involved from the grassroots to the Champions League to make a stand against racism.What might you do as part of the Week? There are a number of different activities that you might consider running during FARE Week, some of these are listed below.

  • Make your regular league match(s) a FARE Week game and have your players team photo with anti- racism signage/ A4 Show Racism the Red Cards (place signs in prominent place in club afterwards)
  • Invite players from both teams to wear ‘UEFA No to racism’ bibs in your pre-match warm- up
  • Organise a local friendly match that celebrates diversity in your community and work together with local community organisations to prepare the game
  • Use Show Racism the Red Card wristbands for your teams to award good sportsmanship
  • Order Show Racism the Red Card signs for display in your club/ project for squad shot photos
  • Host an anti- racism world cup and use the event for football but also to learn about other countries and to design anti-racism messages

More information can be seen on this link which includes last year’s FARE week report support is available? We have bibs, wristbands, signage, A4 Red Cards and resources online including training.theredcard.ieYou can apply for support through Show Racism the Red Card by sending the express an interest form.  Outline what activities you propose and what you need from the above list and submit the form before 5pm Monday 29th of September by contacting or 01 6453096.   We will then send you the resources needed in the week prior to 9th October.Thank you for your assistance in helping football to play its part in contributing to the ongoing development of an intercultural society that celibates diversity and challenges racism/ discrimination.FARE WEEK EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Formfare letter community 2014

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