Erasmus + supported Show Racism the Red Card workshops for educators

EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POSWith support of the EU Erasmus + programme, Show Racism the Red Card is leading a partnership which aims to train teachers and other educators in delivering the anti-racism message.Forthcoming, we are hosting a series of training workshops in May and June.The first training workshop is onMonday 16th May5-7pm in the Carmichael CentreNorth Brunswick Street, Dublin 7The second training workshop is onTuesday 17th May4:30- 6:30pm Navan Education Centre, Co MeathThe content of the training will include interactive discussion and activities with audiovisual materials covering:

  • what is racism
  • how it happens
  • how it impacts
  • actions you can take to tackle racism
  • activities you can deliver in the classroom/ learning environment to impart the anti-racism/ inclusion message

To attend, please email info@theredcard.ieTel: 086 3927650 for enquiriesAfter the workshop, you will have access to our 1 hour online training course at training.theredcard.ieWhat teachers say about our training:‘I found the resource both insightful and educational. I will use CSPE and PE to implement the programme. The games like Walk the Line, Treasure Chest and Trust are excellent in building team work & communication which are vital tools in combating racism’.‘I will work with the PE department to encourage the implementation of the many excellent sports activities listed in the manual’‘The various games that were suggested on the video clips are fantastic . I particularly like the Walk The Line one as it is a whole team activity and the children really learn to work together to get a good result , it shows that no matter what you look like or where your from you still have same abilities as everyone else.’‘The young people encounter a lot more often than I would have thought’‘I have been greatly motivated in teaching this course to my students by this training and the resources that have been supplied. I will combine art and SPHE for this project and hopefully create art work on the subject’.‘I learnt from the online resource that racism is a lot more common in Ireland than I thought’‘It tackled all aspects of racism in a simple easy to follow way’.

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