Showing Good Governance & Transparency

3 years ago, we decided that showing good governance was important and we declared that we were on the journey to Governance Code compliance.  It is a big achievement as there has been a lot of work involved.martina signing codePictured: SRTRC Chair Martina Quinn signing the Governance CodeGovernance has proved to be an issue of crucial importance to the charity sector.  In light of scandals surrounding the finances of charities over recent years, public confidence in the sector has been damaged.  Credibility is the currency of the charity sector and that currency has been devalued in the public eye.Of 8,000 charities in Ireland, nearly 1,000 have embarked on the roade to the Governance Code and just less than 300 are registered as compliant. Director Garrett Mullan said: ‘This represents a significant milestone for our charity.  It has taken a lot of work but it has been worth it.  Our structures are right and governance is good and with these foundations, we are positioned well for growth.  If we can grow, then we can increase our impact’.The road to achieving the governance code has involved a lot of work, but we feel it is very worthwhile because the code provides a structured framework where we can do our work and demonstrate that we are doing it right.The Governance Code is principles-based, rather than rule-based, and it is voluntary. It is expected that groups and organisations will compare themselves to the standards outlined in the Code on a ‘comply or explain’ basis. This means that you measure your organisation against the principle in question, specifically against each of the actions for that principle.Over our journey to compliance, we have developed and/ or updated policies of the charity in regards relevant areas such as Mission, Values, Purpose, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Equalities, Human Resources, Finances.  We have developed an employee and also board members handbook.   As well as areas of policy development, we have also an annual workplan, which arises from our statement on Mission, Values, Purpose statement.We have worked to enhance our operations so that we operate effectively and transparently.  In regards transparency, we have also uploaded our Audited 2015 accounts below and are also listed on the Benefacts datebase of charities.  As a registered company, we file accounts every year to the Companies Registration Office.  As a registered charity, we have now registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority as well as Revenue. Code DeclarationOur annual audited accounts are now available.  Click below for review of our activities and also financial statements. Accounts were audited by Nolan Associates#transparencySigned accounts Show Racism the Red Card – FY2015You can support our work by making a donation on our Altruism Ireland page, where again, we score highly on transparency

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