Fundraising and altruism is the motive

A new online platform has been launched to facilitate fundraising.  It is called Altruism Ireland.  Only registered charities can be the beneficiaries, which is different from other fundraising websites.  Also, altruism do not take a commission on donations, unlike other websites, and Altruism Ireland is a charity itself.If you want to fundraise for a volunteering placement or charity close to your heart, summer is the perfect time to do so. There are countless runs and sports events to choose from, and the fine weather makes BBQs and outdoor events much more pleasant than at other times of the year.Before you dust of your runners or click send on that email invite, it’s important to get up to speed on the different fundraising platforms available and which will help you to maximise your efforts. We’ve just discovered Altruism Ireland and are encouraging our volunteers to set up donation pages with this platform. Here’s why…

Transparency is encouraged

Only registered charities can be the beneficiaries.  Buzzword it may be, transparency is still vital in the charity sector, now more than ever before. New campaigns are vying for people’s attention every day. To stand out and encourage confidence in their donors, organisations in the sector need to be open about where that money is going. There are hundreds of worthwhile causes out there, and people won’t donate their hard-earned cash unless they know it’s going to be well spent.Altruism Ireland acts as an intermediary between people and organisations, assessing charity financial records and project reports and presenting these figures in an easy-to-read manner. A transparency score out of ten helps donors to quickly assess if the charity is worth backing or if they should focus their efforts elsewhere. This transparency is mutually beneficial. Individuals don’t have to worry about their donations being wasted on potentially questionable projects, golden salaries and transaction fees. At the same time, virtuous charities aren’t missing out on donations that are rightfully theirs and have the chance to increase their perceived trustworthiness in the eyes of the public. Thanks to our easily accessible accounts, SRTRC Ireland has been given a transparency score of ten out of ten.

No fees on donations

The organisation’s motto is ‘When Zero Matters’, reflecting the non-profit nature of the platform. There are no fees on donations made so every cent raised goes directly to those who need it most. This is in contrast to other fundraising platforms that charge up to a staggering 6% on donations! There is an unavoidable Stripe payment processing fee but, at 1.4% + 0.25, this again is at a more competitive rate than alternative platforms. For instance, if a volunteer goes with an alternative platform that charges 6% on fees, they have to raise an extra €90 to reach a target of €1,500. So if you’re setting up an online fundraising account, we’d definitely recommend going with Altruism Ireland. And telling your friends to do the same!

Interested in fundraising for Show Racism the Red Card?

Fundraising provides much-needed income for our development programmes, which are implemented through volunteers. These programmes support people, communities and governments in the areas of health, education, secure livelihoods and participation and governance. Your fundraising activities also help us to raise the profile of VSO in the local community. Call us on 0863927650 or email info@theredcard.ieVisit us on at

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