Mercy Secondary fight against racism

Teacher, Maria Cribben explains what went on behind the entry from the Transition Year group from Mercy Secondary in Ballymahon.

Show Racism the Red card, made a positive impact on our students during the term. We began our project by reviewing the videos and information on the website and held discussions based on the topic. Students offered up their opinions and any experiences of racism, allowing me to use any negativity as a catalyst for change among the group. Luckily the class had no negative experiences of racism in school, but some have witnessed it outside school at different occasions. As a result, students were delighted to get behind the project in order to make a positive change. I really valued the opportunity Show Racism the Red Card opened up for my class and the students they touched. It allowed our students to self-evaluate and acknowledge whether or not they facilitate or impede an inclusive environment for all nationalities within our school.

Students were keen to design a poster advertising Show Racism the Red Card. They chose Mario Ballotelli, a soccer player who was a victim of racism, to be central to their design. Handprints of various students are visible in the background, reinforcing the idea of similarity and inclusion despite nationality.  It was a simple but rewarding process, where students of different nationalities mingled as they enhanced the artwork. It acted as an icebreaker for some, through a fun and playful atmosphere where they could focus on interaction through movement and laughter.

The banner is now on display in the school gym

Check out for some of our audiovisual entries to #CreativeCompetition17 and also and for more entries.

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