Wear Red Day Friday 23rd November

42 schools, councils, sports clubs and trade unions are gearing up to get at least 6,000 participating in our 3rd annual Wear Red Day.

On Wear Red Day, we invite you to Wear Red to make a stand against Racism.  This year, not only are people wearing Red but buildings are too.  Watch out for the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House and SIPTU’s Liberty Hall in Dublin and Spanish Arch in Galway being lit red.

Wear Red Day is an opportunity for you and for us to be public with our stand on racism and our belief that racism has no place in our society in work, school, sport or wherever and that why we invite you to get involved.

We also need to fund our education work and are asking for donations.  We are asking all participants to donate at least €2 to help our work.  This year, you can do that by text at sending ‘SRTRC’ to 50300, so we received €1.80 of €2 charged to your phone (service provided by Likecharity.com) .

You can also donate online at www.theredcard.ie/donate or by cheque in the post.


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