Anti Racism Creative Competition 2019


Anti Racism Creative Competition 2019

About the Competition

We invite you to register to participate in the Anti Racism Creative Competition 2019. This is the 10th year of the competition and over those years, we have seen thousands of young people use their creativity in devising anti-racism actions.

To participate, students must watch the Show Racism the Red Card DVD prior to production of work. Contact us for the DVD Education pack. After watching the DVD, participants are asked to produce written, visual or audio-visual entries on the themes of the DVD.

We are looking for young people to use their creativity to produce a written, visual or audiovisual message on themes arising from the Show Racism the Red Card DVD.

On conclusion of the programme, a selection of visual entries will become part of our ‘One Race’ exhibition, which tours the country.

Useful resources:

Report from 2018 awards event attended by Ireland Men & Women’s team managers Martin O’ Neill and Colin Bell

Terms & Conditions

Submit entries only after you have been registered to participate. Only submit by email. Entries by post will not be returned. Entries can be in the written, visual and audiovisual form.
To facilitate our judging panel, written work should be no longer than 750 words. It can be in the form of a poem, essay, letter or article, while visual entries can be in the form of paintings, sculptures and photographs. Entries can also be in the form of music or film and should not be longer than 5 minutes.
Entries must have some relevance to the themes of Show Racism the Red Card DVD such as racism and diversity. Pictures from events relating to the competition may be used for publicity purposes.  Registration implies you agree to these terms & conditions.

Sending Entries

Entries are accepted by email send to

Written entries should be sent as word document, visual as  jpeg, audiovisual as youtube link. Please also send teacher/ youth worker report on the programme.

Register to get involved in Competition 2019:

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