FARE Fortnight of action 2018




Football Against Racism in fortnight of action 2018

Clubs at grassroots levels are invited to participate in the Football Against Racism in Europe fortnight of action this October 11-25th 2018. The FARE fortnight is an opportunity for clubs in Ireland and across all UEFA affiliates from grassroots to Champions League level to promote respect for diversity and to make a stand against racism.

See the 2017 report http://theredcard.ie/2017/11/23/fare-fortnight-report-2017/

What you can do during FARE fortnight:
What we would like your club to do during fare week (for underage clubs/teams):

  • Contact the clubs you are playing during the campaign period in October, and explain to managers/mentors that your club is supporting the FARE campaign by exchanging wristbands at the start of your match (es).
  • Agree with opposition that players will exchange wristbands just prior to the start of the match and shake hands (Champions League style).
  • Agree with mentors and managers that they will need to explain to players prior to the match (during warm ups) why your club is supporting this campaign.
  • Take a photo of players exchanging wristbands and shaking hands- send this through report submission below
  • Use anti-racism signage cards for a group photo with all players. Display the anti-racism signage cards after use in prominent places in your club (clubhouse, changing rooms etc.).

What we provide to support:

  • 50 wristbands per club
  • 11 SRTRC Red Cards
  • A free Anti Racism branded football
  • Offer of Anti Racism workshop (including focus on the FAI Anti Racism rule)

To get involved, please complete the expression of interest form and send.  Friday 21st  September is the deadline.  However an early submission of the Expression of Interest form is advised, as stock is limited.
Contact us for more information: info@theredcard.ie

FARE Expression of Interest Form FARE Fortnight 2018

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FARE action Report form

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