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Our new education pack

2019 Education Pack

Our new education video (12 minutes) features interviews with Ireland’s top footballers and young people from St Pauls CBS and Hansfield ETSS

To help impart the anti-racism message, we recommend you take our online training course at training.theredcard.ie The course takes the learner through; what is racism, how it happens, how it impacts and how to respond. It also has videos showing some of the activities from the education pack being delivered in both the hall and in the classroom. The course takes about 60 minutes.


2013- These factsheets should help identify related themes and provide the basis for some further work.  We are in the process of updating our factsheets to address new and emerging issues.  


Show Racism the Red Card 2013 

This is the education pack, video and table quiz relating to the Show Racism the Red Card pack 2013.


View Education Pack.(9.2 MB – PDF)

Here is the related table quiz for the DVD

Show Racism the Red Card 2008

Download Activities

Refer to the Education Pack for instructions about the following:

Equality Audit
Equality policy template
Primary School I Know a Culture


Primary School Witches of Glum
Responding to Racism
Combatting Racism Wordsearch
Activity – Pyramid of hate
Exploring Prejudice